Israel's energy minister is due to meet British Premier Boris Johnson at the COP26 climate summit, a day after she was prevented from entering the site in her wheelchair.

In an incident that embarrassed the Glasgow conference hosts, Karine Elharrar missed yesterday's events when security staff would not let her car through, a spokeswoman for the minister told AFP.

British media reported Ms Elharrar could not reach the site because shuttle buses taking people to the venue were unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's office said the delegation spent two hours trying to facilitate Ms Elharrar's entry but ultimately failed "due to it not being fully wheelchair accessible", and issued a formal complaint.

Ms Elharrar said that "it is sad that the UN, which promotes accessibility for people with disabilities, in the year 2021, doesn't arrange for accessibility in its events".

"I hope the necessary lessons are learned so that tomorrow I will be able to address promoting green energy, removing obstacles and energy efficiency," she wrote on Twitter yesterday.

UK foreign office minister James Cleverly said he was "deeply disappointed and frustrated" over Elharrar not being able to access the summit on Monday.

British ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan said: "I apologise deeply and sincerely."

A source in Mr Bennett's delegation said he had raised the issue with Mr Johnson ahead of their scheduled meeting today.

The two agreed that Ms Elharrar "will reach the venue with Bennett and participate in the meeting with Johnson," according to the source.

A UK government source confirmed the minister would join the meeting at 12pm.

Mr Bennett's office later tweeted video of him arriving with the minister at the venue.