LGBT+ rights campaigners who planned to stage a pride march in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, have cancelled the event after their office was stormed and ransacked, activists said on Twitter.

As hundreds of protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Tblisi, march organiser Giorgi Tabagari had said he hoped it would be of "historic importance and demonstrate that attitudes towards sexual minorities are fortunately transforming in Georgia".

Social views have become increasingly liberal in Georgia in recent years and there have been several Pride events.

Authorities had promised to protect the marchers but prominent community leaders have also spoken out against the march.

"Holding of the so-called Pride march is not reasonable as it creates a threat of civil confrontation," Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili told a cabinet meeting.

The government offered alternative routes for the procession, which Mr Garibashvili said was "unacceptable for a large segment of the Georgian society."

The Orthodox Church has called on supporters to gather this afternoon for a public prayer against the Pride march.

Last week, the US and EU diplomatic missions in Georgia, as well the as embassies of 16 more countries, issued a joint statement urging the Georgian government "to secure the right to peaceful assembly for all people in Georgia without exception."