A teenage influencer has been arrested in Cairo, two days after being handed a ten-year prison sentence for "human trafficking".

Haneen Hossam and her co-accused Mowada al-Adham were charged with "corrupting family values, inciting debauchery and encouraging young women to practice sexual relations".

The 23-year-old al-Adham was sentenced to six years in jail.

Ms Hossam, who has amassed almost a million followers on TikTok, was given a longer sentence because she had not appeared in court.

The two women were previously sentenced to two years for "attacking society's values" in videos published on the social media platform.

In one video, 19-year-old Hossam told her millions of followers that girls could work for money, for which she was accused of "debauchery" and "human trafficking".

Last January, the pair were acquitted after serving less than half their sentences.

Several women have been accused of "inciting debauchery" for challenging Egypt's conservative social values, and the battle has moved online as the use of social media by young Egyptians surges.

Ms Hossam posted a tearful video on Instagram on Monday, pleading for authorities to drop the charges.

"Ten years! I didn't do anything immoral to deserve all this. I was jailed for ten months and didn't say a word after I was released ... Why do you want to jail me again?" she asked.

While Egyptian authorities have used censorship for decades, rights groups say freedom of expression has been further curtailed under President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, who took office in 2014.

Internet controls were further tightened in 2018, when a law was passed allowing authorities to monitor influencers with more than 5,000 followers.

Representatives for Ms Hossam have said she will appeal the sentence.