More than fifty Irish faith leaders have signed a statement condemning the persecution of the Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang, China.

The statement, which echoes one issued by the human rights organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide in August 2020, has been signed by representatives of faith communities from across the island of Ireland.

The statement says at least one million Uyghur and other Muslims in China are incarcerated in prison camps facing starvation, torture, murder, sexual violence, slave labour and forced organ extraction.

It says that as faith leaders, those who have signed it are neither activists nor policy-makers.

However, they say they have "a duty to call our communities to their responsibilities to look after their fellow human beings and act when they are in danger".

They have urged people of faith and conscience everywhere to join them in prayer, solidarity and action to end these mass atrocities.

"We make a simple call for justice, to investigate these crimes, hold those responsible to account and establish a path towards the restoration of human dignity".