A 19-year-old man was rescued early today from the rubble of a building in Albania which was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

Cheers rang out from a destroyed building in the Adriatic port city of Durres when the man was pulled out nearly 24 hours after the quake struck yesterday.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama looked on as rescuers worked through the night to reach the man.

The survivor, draped in a blanket, stood up and hugged his rescuers before being placed on a stretcher and carried away.

Emergency crews, helped by international rescuers were working through the night to search through the wreckage left by Albania's worst earthquake in decades, bringing the death toll to at least 25.

At least 250 aftershocks - two of them magnitude 5 – have shaken the country, continuing into today.

Hundreds of people spent the night sleeping in tents pitched by the emergency services.

Italy, France, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia have sent 200 specialised troops, tools and teams of tracker dogs to help the relief effort.

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