A baby was rescued from a building surrounded by floodwater this afternoon, as military emergency unit workers battled waist-high floodwaters to get her to safety following two days of torrential rain in southeastern Spain.

Workers also rescued a young boy from the same building, in the district of Molins in the municipality of Orihuela, and had to wade through the floodwater carrying two young girls on their backs in order to get them to safety.

Orihuela has been particularly badly affected by the floods, which cut off the city due to the overflowing of the River Segura, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the area, according to local police.

Floods swept away cars and debris in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and eastern Andalucia.

Motorway tunnels in some areas were flooded almost up to the tunnel lighting, with some vehicles partly or fully submerged.

A 41-year-old man was found dead this morning in Orihuela, bringing to at least six the death toll over the past two days after record-breaking levels of rainfall.

Weather conditions have now begun to stabilise and are expected to improve over the coming days.