Saudi Arabia has said the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul was "premeditated" based on information supplied by Turkey, state media has reported.

"Information from the Turkish authorities indicates that the act of the suspects in the Khashoggi case was premeditated," the public prosecutor said in a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

"The public prosecution continues its investigation with suspects... to complete the course of justice."

Saudi Arabia initially claimed Mr Khashoggi left freely after visiting the consulate in Istanbul on 2 October to complete paperwork for his marriage to his Turkish fiancee.

But, as international pressure mounted, the kingdom said on Saturday that the Washington Post contributor and critic of the Saudi government died inside the mission when an argument degenerated into a fistfight.

It later acknowledged that he had in fact been murdered, as Turkish officials said all along.

The kingdom sacked two top aides to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as well three intelligence officials and arrested 18 Saudi suspects.

Today, Prince Mohammed chaired the first meeting of a committee his father King Salman has tasked with revamping the intelligence services in light of the Khashoggi crisis.

Meanwhile, CIA director Gina Haspel listened to an audio recording of the killing during her visit to Turkey this week, two sources have told Reuters, the first indication Turkey has shared its key evidence.

Representatives of the CIA declined to comment on Ms Haspel's review of the recording.

"We have shared with those who sought additional information some of the information and findings that the prosecutor has allowed us to share and that is legal to share," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters today.

He said Turkey had no intention of taking the case to an international court but would share information if an international inquiry were launched.

President Tayyip Erdogan has called Mr Khashoggi's murder a "savage killing" and demanded Saudi Arabia punish those responsible, no matter how highly placed.