Indonesian authorities said one man was killed by falling stones on Mount Rinjani, while other stranded tourists were unhurt as the evacuation operation continues in a bid to bring hikers back to safety.

Spokesman of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said 26-year-old Indonesian university student Muhammad Ainul Taksim was struck by stones following a landslide triggered by the 6.4 magnitude quake that rocked the island of Lombok yesterday.

An estimated 689 people still remained trapped on the mountain after trekking paths were covered by debris from landslides, according to the agency.

A 30-year-old Malaysian woman visiting Mount Rinjani was among the 16 who died. She was killed near the foot of the mountain after she descended from the summit.

Helicopters and rescue teams on foot have been deployed to scour the slopes of Mount Rinjani, which is crisscrossed with hiking routes popular with tourists.

Hundreds of buildings were destroyed by the shallow 6.4-magnitude quake, which sent people running from their homes early yesterday morning.

The quake also dislodged tonnes of rock and mud on Mount Rinjani, leaving people with no easy way down.

Rising some 3,726 metres above sea level, the peak is the second-tallest volcano in Indonesia and a favourite among sightseers keen to take in its expansive views.

Hiking trails on the mountain were closed following the quake due to fear of further landslides.

The epicentre of the earthquake was 50km northeast of Lombok's main city Mataram, the United States Geological Survey said, far from the main tourist spots on the south and west of the island.

The initial tremor was followed by two strong secondary quakes and more than 100 aftershocks.