A teenage girl has died after being mauled by a shark at Wylie Bay on Australia's southwest coast.

Laeticia Brouwer, 17, who was surfing with her father, had lost a leg and was bleeding heavily when he pulled her from the water.

She was brought to hospital in the Western Australian town of Esperance, but later died from her injuries.

Her mother and two younger sisters witnessed the attack from the beach and alerted emergency services.

Paramedics said Laeticia's injuries and blood loss were too severe for her to survive.

"The girl's father had been some distance away at the time of the attack and heard her scream before she was pulled under water by the shark," The West Australian newspaper reported.

"When she resurfaced, her father paddled over and dragged her to the shore with the help of another teenager."

Local authorities said Wylie Bay beach is closed until further notice and people were urged to stay out of the water.

A man lost his left arm and right hand when two great whites attacked him at Wylie Bay in October 2014.

There were two fatal shark attacks in Western Australia last May and June, with a 29-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman losing their lives.

Experts say shark attacks are increasing as water sports become more popular and bait fish move closer to shore.