Schrems' Facebook case to go before Austrian Supreme Court

Austrian student Max Schrems' attempt to bring a class-action lawsuit against Facebook over its privacy policies will head to Austria's Supreme Court to determine whether such collective legal action is allowed, his group said today.     

The law student has claimed €500 in damages each for the more than 25,000 signatories to his lawsuit - the latest in a series of European challenges to US technology firms and their handling of personal data.       

At issue is whether the claims can be combined into one in Austrian courts. An appellate court has let Mr Schrems file a personal claim but not allowed a class action to form, his Europe-vs-Facebook group said.     

"It would not make a lot of sense for the court or the parties before it to file these claims as thousands of individual lawsuits, which we can still do if a 'class action' is not allowed," Mr Schrems said in a statement.

Six killed in Myanmar explosion

Six people were killed when an explosion tore through a house in the Myanmar town of Hakha late last night.

A local police officer said the cause of the blast was unknown but gunpowder or some sort of explosive was suspected.

The blast struck last night in the town which is the capital of Chin, a mountainous western state that borders both Bangladesh and India and is one of Myanmar's poorest.

Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza

A rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza hit an open field in southern Israel this morning, the Israeli army said.

"No injuries have been reported," it added.

Extremist Sunni militants claiming links to the so-called Islamic State group have said they were behind recent rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave, but Israel holds Hamas responsible for all such incidents.

Today's attack comes after a near two-month wave of Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and security forces in the West Bank and Israel, accompanied by weekly riots on the Gaza border which often result in Palestinian casualties.