"Very happy to meet you"

It all started with a historic 12-second handshake. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump shake hands, smiling cautiously at the outset of their summit in Singapore. It is the first time a sitting US president has met a leader of North Korea.

 'Getting a good picture everyone?'

As President Trump and Kim Jong-un prepare to sit down for lunch, Mr Trump asks reporters if their pictures are making them "look nice and handsome and thin". Kim Jong-un stands open-mouthed as an interpreter translates.

Signing a "comprehensive document"

The two leaders sign a joint statement at the end of their summit, although at this point give few details of what they have achieved. Mr Trump says they "have a great relationship" while Mr Kim adds they have "decided to leave the past behind".

"Only the most courageous can make peace"

During a news conference following the summit, Mr Trump pays tribute to Mr Kim by saying "anyone can make war, only the most courageous can make peace".

Trump trusts Kim but "may be wrong"

However, Donald Trump goes on to admit - that he won't admit - he's wrong if the North Korean leader does not follow through on the promises he made at the summit, namely that he would work towards denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.