President Michael D Higgins has called on the US government to revisit and reconsider its decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement.

He made the remarks during an address at New York University last night.

"It would be remiss of me not to state my profound disappointment at the United States' decision to exit the Paris Agreement," President Higgins said.

He also warned about the re-emergence of stereotypical depictions of migrants with a language of fear of "the other" that is often racist, xenophobic and grounded in hatred, fear and ignorance.

President Higgins is in New York ahead of his address to the United Nations General Assembly later today.

He said he would focus on what he described as the three crises affecting our very existence; climate change, inequality and social cohesion.

He will also use his time at the United Nations to meet with other leaders and make Ireland's case for a seat on the UN Security Council.