US President Donald Trump is expected to take credit for US economic gains in the past year in his first State of the Union speech tonight.

His address to Congress comes as Mr Trump battles an inquiry into his campaign's alleged ties with Russia and as he struggles to sell Americans on his leadership abilities.

Facing a deadline on an immigration controversy amid strong Democratic opposition, Mr Trump will also call for a bipartisan compromise of the type that has eluded him during a turbulent first year in office marked by partisan battles.

He will visit Capitol Hill to deliver his State of the Union speech at 9.10pm (2.10am Irish time)

Aides said the Republican president would use the televised speech to take credit for advances in the economy since he took office.

He is also expected to tout the benefits of a tax overhaul approved by the Republican-controlled Congress in December that was his first major legislative victory.

But the atmosphere in the House of Representatives chamber where Mr Trump will speak could be tense.

Several Democrats have said they would boycott the event, while some women attending the event said they will wear black in support of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

Mr Trump is also expected to address the various global crises that have persisted during his watch, such as North Korea's nuclear challenge and Iran's influence in the Middle East.

His drive for more reciprocal trade with China and other countries is also expected to be a dominant theme.