A farmers' protest outside Lidl’s supermarkets in counties Cavan and Monaghan is continuing tonight.

The farmers gathered outside Lidl supermarkets in Cavan and Monaghan this morning in protest over a promotion on large chickens.

The promotion, which began on 13 January and runs until tomorrow, has seen the price of a large chicken reduced from €4.29 to €3.49.

Poultry farmers say they have heard nothing since the last protest at the end of last year.

They say the current prices for both eggs and chickens is unsustainable.

The farmers say they will remain outside all night to highlight the issue.

The Irish Farmers Association Poultry Chairman, Andy Boylan, said the move by Lidl "is the kind of kamikaze behaviour by retailers that has to be outlawed".

The IFA has said poultry farmers are very concerned about their future.

"We produce top quality, Bord Bia QA produce, at prices which are not sustainable," Mr Boylan said.

"We intend to highlight the absolute necessity for our costs to be recovered from the food chain immediately."

The Vice Chairman of the Poultry Committee, Brendan Soden, said feed costs have increased by 36% on last year, which is completely unsustainable.

"The EU average price for eggs has increased by 13.2% in the past year," he said.

"However, Ireland is one of only two member states where the price has actually decreased in the past 12 months with a drop of 8.4% in Irish egg prices."

In a statement to RTÉ News, Lidl said it bears the costs of all promotional items and the supplier receives the contracted price.

"Like all retailers Lidl operates weekly promotional specials under our 'Super Savers' range. Lidl bears the costs of all promotional items and the supplier receives the contracted price."