Northern Ireland's First Minister, Arlene Foster has said she's very grateful that the Taoiseach has indicated he will meet her to discuss her request for a "fresh examination" of allegations of collusion between this State and the IRA during the Northern Ireland troubles.

Arlene Foster wrote to the Taoiseach Micheál Martin requesting a meeting.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, Mrs. Foster said there is new evidence that needs to be acted upon.

She said in 2013, the Smithwick Tribunal found collusion linked to Dundalk Garda Station and during that inquiry there were a number of other cases referred to, but she said "unfortunately, there has been no follow up in relation to that, most notably Lord Justice Gibson and his wife who were also murdered back in April of 1987".

She said "there are some other cases which don't concern Dundalk Garda Station where there has been alleged collusion as well, so I do honestly believe there is a need for a re-assessment of all of these cases and so we can speak together about where we go forward in relation to all of those matters".

She said one of the findings of the Smithwick Tribunal, was that "there was evidence of collusion in terms of Lord and Lady Gibson and that it should be looked at again" and one of the reasons why I feel there needs to be reassessment is that nothing has happened since that assessment of the Smithwick Tribunal and therefore is a need to look at it again".

She said "if that evidence had been in front of Judge Corry...he would have ordered a public inquiry and therefore this is new evidence that needs to be acted upon".