Northern Ireland's Department of Health has said four people have died in the past 24 hours after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

There have been a further 138 cases of the virus confirmed today, bringing the total there to 1,477.

The number of coronavirus related deaths now stands at 82.

A total of 10,203 people have been tested so far.

This weekend the PSNI will be stepping up patrols and checkpoints on roads to major beauty spots, parks and seaside resorts across Northern Ireland.

The coronavirus lockdown has been in place in Northern Ireland for more than 2 weeks now but the PSNI has yet to issue a single fine to anyone for breaching the restrictions.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd says he expects that to change this weekend.

PSNI officers have been authorised to issue on the spot fines starting at £60 to anyone who refuses an instruction to return home.

The fine doubles each time a person breaches the restrictions.

Police in Northern Ireland say they'll work closely with gardaí over the Easter holiday weekend to restrict cross border travel.

The PSNI says there will be a joint effort by both police forces to ensure as many people as possible stay at home.

Police on both sides of the border are concerned that large numbers of people from Northern Ireland will attempt to travel to holiday homes and caravan parks in the Republic, particularly in Co Donegal.

"We are clearly talking to our colleagues in An Garda Síochána about how we can best assist them in what is the joint effort to get people to stay home," says PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Todd.

"We have a joint interest here in persuading people to stay at home, protect both our health services and save lives on both sides of border."

"I can assure the population on both sides of the Irish border that there'll be close cooperation between the Police Service of Northern Ireland and An Garda Síochána."

Local councils have urged people to stay away from popular holiday break destinations like County Antrim's north coast, which includes the Giants Causeway, and the seaside towns of Newcastle and Bangor in County Down.

"I think there's a nervousness in some communities, and a nervousness across the country, that as we head towards the Ester holiday weekend, with potentially some good weather in the forecast, that people will be tempted not to stay at home," he said.

"Therefore you can expect to see more police in more places more of the time helping support our colleagues in health by getting out the message for people to stay at home.

"I think it's important to recognise that the vast majority of people right across Northern Ireland have complied with the restrictions and stayed at home and acted responsibly.

"We will still seek to engage with people, and we will still stick to be explaining, and encouraging and seeking their co-operation and protecting the health service and saving lives.

"But for those small number who won't take the advice, who won't return when they're asked to return home, then that small number can expect to find themselves in receipt of those fixed penalty notices."