The Irish teenager who was injured in a lightning strike at a golf tournament in Atlanta in the US at the weekend has said he is thankful for his lucky escape.

Ryan Murphy, from Cookstown in Co Tyrone, was walking under a tree when he was hit by what is believed to have been debris during the strike and was knocked unconscious.

The teenager spent seven hours in hospital and was discharged with some minor cuts and bruises.

Speaking from his home in Cookstown, Ryan paid tribute to hospital and tournament staff and said he was shocked when he saw the footage of the incident.

He said he was walking under a tree when "it just happened".

He said he is not sure what hit him but the force of it threw him to the ground and when he woke up he was surrounded by onlookers who told him he was hit by lightning.

He also said that some of those helping him thought he was slurring his words but he thinks that may have just been a case of the Americans struggling with his Tyrone accent.

The avid golf fan and player had been in the US working as a lifeguard for the summer and took time off to travel to the Atlanta event to cheer on Rory McIlroy.

Ryan cancelled a holiday to California that he had planned so he could return home.

He said the tournament have been in contact with him and told him that some McIlroy merchandise is being sent to him.

Ryan begins college in Queens next month and after the near miss in Atlanta, he has had a weekend he will never forget.