Lawyers for a former Irish rugby international who was acquitted of raping a woman after a nine-week trial earlier this year have applied to the courts in Belfast to have his legal costs reimbursed.

Stuart Olding was granted legal aid after the first five weeks of the case.

His lawyers are arguing that he should be reimbursed for the legal costs he incurred during that period.

His lawyer, Frank O'Donoghue QC, told Judge Patricia Smyth that there were a number of grounds on which Mr Oldings costs should be reimbursed.

Judge Smyth presided at the original trial earlier this year.

These include his claim that there was a flawed understanding of the factual basis of the case, failure to obtain expert witnesses, and a failure to give proper weight to the evidence of Darragh Florence.

Mr O'Donoghue argued that costs should not follow in criminal matters where ineptitude or fault can be shown.

Judgment in the application for the reimbursement of Mr Oldings legal costs is expected to be reserved.

Paddy Jackson, a former Irish international rugby player who was also acquitted of rape during the same trial, made a similar application for the reimbursement of his costs earlier this year. Judgment in that application has not yet been delivered .

The application was adjourned until later this month when lawyers for the North's Public Prosecution Service will make their submissions.