Families, displaced by flooding in Burnfoot, Co Donegal, last August, say they have been advised by the council to remove all personal items from their houses because there will be no further access to their homes from next Monday.

Kathleen Molloy said she was told during a council meeting last week that nothing will be done with the houses during 2018 and estate security, provided by the council until now, will be withdrawn on 19 Feburary.

Ms Molloy said "a flurry of officials" came to visit in August and residents were assured they would be back home by Christmas.

However, aside from local councillors and representatives, there has been no contact since.

She said she was told the council is awaiting the outcome of a report from the CFRAM ( a flood risk assessment).

Kathleen added there did not appear to be a timeline on this study, which was commissioned months ago.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Sean O'Rourke, she said she raised her family in the house and had been in the process of buying it, before the flooding.

She said she has no room to store belongings from her home and she said she fears that the council and the Office of Public Works is passing the book from one to the other.

Another resident Oonagh McLaughlin told the same programme that officials should not give a time frame unless they can deliver, because it raises hopes unneccessarily.

She said she was very encouraged by initial responses from government officials.

Ms McLaughlin said she met Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief Kevin Boxer Moran in the aftermath of the flooding and he reassured her that every effort would be made for them. 

Breaking into tears, she said if Mr Moran was human then he would come back to Burnfoot and visit them.

She said she has nowhere to store her family's possessions and she will not let the council dump any items.

She described one week's notice to clear their homes as "ridiculous" adding that she has been accommodated in a lovely house but that it was up for sale and the lease is due to expire at the end of March.

She said she has been reassured that she will not have to pay rent until she returns to her home.