A Ukrainian MP has said she believes that many more refugees will flee Ukraine to other parts of Europe this winter "to physically survive" when the cold weather sets in.

Kira Rudik said she discussed this possibility with Taoiseach Micheal Martin yesterday and said it is very likely there would be "another wave of refugees" coming to Ireland.

"The Taoiseach said he knows it is a possibility and that the situation here is very hard and he said they will do all the possible and impossible things to deal with that," she said.

Speaking on RTÉ's Brendan O'Connor programme, Ms Rudik said people will be fleeing from "imminent death" as she described how critical infrastructure like heating stations have been destroyed during the Russian invasion.

She said their mission is to make sure that their children never have to fight for their sovereignty and their freedom in the future.

She described the situation for Ukrainians as "so desperate".

"We know if we wouldn't finish this battle right now it will come back. It always comes back.

"What we see right now that if Russia remains at the way they are right now it will always be a threat for Ukraine, for our children and at some point they will have to go to war. I will do everything possible so they wouldn't have to go to war ... If right now we need to sacrifice our generation to end it, we will do that. We made that decision."

She said that is evident by the numbers on the frontline ready to defend their country

Ms Rudik said there is an opportunity to push back against the system Russian President Vladimir Putin has created and the concept of "tyranny and evil that wants to conquer the free world and is ready to cover it with all kinds of propoganda."

She believes he is capable of carrying out a nuclear attack and they need to be ready for that.

"He is implying it is possible."

She said they are preparing in the event of such an attack because "we know even the impossible things could happen."

She said while Mr Putin announced the annexation of four Ukrainian territories this week, he does not control them.

The annexation has been widely described by the West as "illegal" and "illegitimate".

Ms Rudik said Ukraine's goal is to regain as many territories ahead of winter.