In the UK, the newly-formed Brexit Party, which wants a clean break from the EU, has doubled its lead over other British parties in an opinion poll on the European parliament elections.

The Optimum survey for the Observer newspaper, puts Mr Farage's Brexit Party on 34%, with the Labour Party on 21% and the anti-Brexit Liberal party on 12%.

With less than two weeks to go before the European elections, the poll puts Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party well back on 11%.

In terms of voting intentions in the the next general election, the same poll puts Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party out front on 28%, followed by the Conservatives on 22% with the Brexit Party close behind on 21%.

The grim news for the Conservative Party follows the recent local elections where Mrs May oversaw the loss of nearly 1,300 Tory councillors.

Mrs May has pledged to step down once a Brexit divorce deal has been agreed in the House of Commons.