The Frontline

Online Bullying

The tragic death of 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley has once again thrown into sharp focus the issue of cyber-bullying. It’s not just among our young either – trolling, abusive or threatening messages are increasingly common as are slanderous postings. Smart phones mean many people, young and old, are now almost constantly connected to the internet and various social networking sites.

While much online discourse is a force for good (people can choose to be connected and in touch more than ever and it’s open to all regardless of background). However, many people, solicitors, teachers or anyone can find their professional reputations destroyed in an instant by those who choose to hide behind anonymity. It’s not as if the internet can just be unplugged – but does all progress just need to be accepted unchallenged? Can online abuse be stamped out? Is moderation and self-regulation failing? Although it might seem a thoroughly modern problem is it really just the methods which have changed?

That’s all to be discussed this Monday, on The Frontline. Do join us and please let us know your thoughts below or email us