With time counting down to next month's referendum on membership of the European Union, RTÉ's Stephen Murphy has been travelling around Britain for Morning Ireland getting the feeling on the ground ahead of the crucial vote.

Issues such as immigration and the potential economic impact are among those affecting voters in many areas of the UK.

As can be expected, opinions on immigration will play a huge part on how voters, and constituencies, will vote.

For the second part of the series, voters in what is deemed to be Britain's least-Eurosceptic place - the north London constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green - expressed their inclusive attitude towards diversity.

Unsurprisingly, pollsters have predicted that 75% of voters in Hornsey and Wood Green will vote to remain in the EU.

However, not all areas of the UK are as pro-European.

It is thought that the Leave side will gain the most traction in areas with older, white, working-class voters.

In this regard, the Essex coastal town of Clacton-on-Sea is regarded as the most Eurosceptic town in Britain, and the Leave side expect to take a significant number of votes in the town.

Any potential Brexit will have a significant impact on Ireland, both economically and in relation to the future of Northern Ireland, and hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens living in Britain are eligible to vote.

With the Irish Government warning about the economic impact of our main trading partner leaving the EU, their votes could prove crucial in what is an extremely tight campaign.