A fishing trip for a man in the US quickly changed from angling to shark-wrangling.

Elliot Sudal managed to reel in a 2.1m (7ft) shark on Sconset Beach in Nantucket on a weekend fishing trip.

The shark appears to be a sandbar shark, a species that frequents inshore shallow coastal waters from Cape Cod to Florida.

Mr Sudal caught a half-eaten bluefish, prompting the experienced shark fisher to return to his car to get his shark rod.

When he returned to his fishing spot he threw the bluefish back into the water as bait and within two minutes was reeling in the shark.

Having fished for sharks in Florida before moving to Nantucket, Mr Sudal had enough experience to run into the shallow water, grab the shark by its tail and wrestle it to the beach.

After a few photos were taken for posterity the hook was removed from the shark and he was returned to the water.

The entire incident was recorded by a passer-by, giving Mr Sudal and the shark their moment of fame. Mr Sudal estimates the shark was only out of the water for a minute or so.