A ten-year-old Waterford boy has found a message in a bottle, which was put into the St Lawrence River in Quebec eight years ago.

Oisin Millea found the plastic bottle on the strand in his home village of Passage East. It was blown onto the sand following high tides and strong winds.

Inside was a note written in French from two girls, Charlene and Claudia, with an email address that is now no longer in use.

The girls wrote that they were from Montreal and on holiday in Gaspesie in the Grande Vallee part of Quebec when they decided to put the message in the bottle.

The bottle then made its way out of the estuary, past Newfoundland, across the Atlantic, up the Suir estuary before being washed up in Passage East.

The note inside was bone dry when Oisin found it. He said: "I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing really.

"We haven't been able to find out who the girls are as we don't have their second names, but maybe somebody out there will know. It'd be great to tell them we found their message eight years after."

Passage East NS Principal Greg Scanlon said they have contacts with schools in Newfoundland and will try to find a way of contacting the girls.