Seventy-two hours of video are now uploaded to YouTube every minute.

The website celebrated its seventh birthday by saying it has hit fresh milestones in terms of its offerings and the amount of time spent on the video-sharing website.

"Like many 7-year-olds around the world, we're growing up so fast!,'' the Google-owned website said in a blog post Sunday.

It said that ''every single minute you now upload three whole days worth of video instead of two. That's 61 Royal Wedding Ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances, and 1,194 Nyan Cats.''

The blog added, "all 800 million of you all over the world have shown us we're on the right track by increasing subscriptions 50 percent and watching over three billion hours a month."

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65bn.

Despite its massive global popularity, the California-based internet search and advertising giant has not yet announced a profit for the video-sharing site.

YouTube has been gradually adding professional content, such as full-length television shows and films, to its vast trove of amateur video offerings in a bid to attract advertisers.