by Caitriona Perry

Connected in political circles, Frank Dunlop was well placed to act as a lobbyist for developers.

He quit his job as an RTÉ reporter to become Fianna Fáil press secretary in 1974 and then government press secretary in 1977.

Mr Dunlop later became a private public relations consultant and television presenter.

It was developer Tom Gilmartin's allegations in relation to the re-zoning of lands at Quarryvale that first brought Mr Dunlop before the Planning and Payments Tribunal in April 2000, initially giving vague evidence.

But the then chairman, Mr Justice Fergus Flood told him to reflect overnight on his position.

Mr Dunlop did just that and returned with startling revelations.

He described a widespread network of corruption and named more than 25 politicians he had made payments to in 1992 and 93.

He spent a total of 124 days in the witness box, but when asked on his final day of evidence if he had any regrets he responded, "none, I'm going to get the book finished."

In 2009 Mr Dunlop became the first person to be convicted on corruption charges under the Ethics in Public Office Act.

He pleaded guilty to making corrupt payments to five former county councillors and senators.

He served 14 months of a two year prison sentence.

In recent years Frank Dunlop has had a career change.

He received a law degree in 2007 and is now working towards a phd from Trinity college for his thesis on euthanasia.