RTÉ News Now has been officially unveiled as the new content provider to Transvision, Ireland's only large format network of digital screens.

Launched in 2008, Transvision is the first large format out of home digital network screen in Ireland.

RTÉ will deliver RTÉ News Now to screens in Heuston, Connolly, Pearse and Busáras.

The RTÉ News Now large screen digital service will deliver the top RTÉ news, sport and entertainment headlines interspersed with advertising content to the 1.7m commuters that pass through the stations every two weeks.

Transvision screens create a key focus point for commuters in these stations and have been very well received by major advertisers and commuters alike.

All screens are located in high dwell time locations and the switch to providing RTÉ News Now will further engage commuters with a uniquely Irish news, sport and entertainment service. For RTÉ the move extends their reach to key young, mobile and busy commuter audiences.

The screens have been installed and are maintained by Bravo Outdoor Advertising Limited, CIÉ's franchise partner for advertising sales on the CIÉ asset base.

The screens have been designed with the most advanced and cutting edge LED technology, employing a direct digital drive system with individual pixel addressing.

Speaking at the launch, Dr John Lynch, Chairman, CIÉ, said: 'I am delighted to have our national broadcaster on board for this project. As the first digital advertising network in Ireland, Transvision has been a marked success for CIE.

‘I expect RTÉ News Now's on-screen presentation of local news, sport and entertainment content to increase Transvision's level of engagement with the commuter audience through these major transit hubs to the benefit of all stakeholders.’

Múirne Laffan, Executive Director, RTÉ Publishing, said: 'We see this content partnership as another link in our strategy to deliver RTÉ News Now to audiences on multiple platforms and to extend our reach to people on the move.’

James Barry, Chief Executive, Bravo Outdoor, said: 'The switch to RTÉ News Now means that advertisers will benefit directly from enhanced engagement, driving this successful medium from strength to strength.'