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About the Piece

Kilkenny man Mick Connery’s passion in passing on his hurling skills to Argentine youths caught our eye and inspired us to capture his story on camera.

His devotion to teaching this new generation of hurlers is driven by a desire to help re-establish the game in the far-flung South American country, where it once thrived among the Irish emigrants until its decline in the 1930s.

As well as helping pave the way for a new wave of hurlers in the Latin nation, Mick’s easygoing and friendly nature has made him a hugely popular figure in his newly adopted country.

He is also playing a positive role in forging cultural ties between Argentina and Ireland.

About the Directors

Paul Byrne a native of south Kilkenny is part of a new generation of journalists who film, edit, produce and scripts their own reports and features.

Starting out with the BBC his work over the last 10 years has taken him around the world. Having moved from Moscow to Buenos Aires two years ago, he now primarily works as a cross-media reporter and producer for the Associated Press Television and the GlobalPost news agencies covering social, humanitarian and cultural issues around South America.

You can keep updated with his work on the website www.paulbyrne.com

Jeff Farrell is freelance journalist based in Buenos Aires. He works in print, radio and TV for clients including The Guardian, The Miami Herald and RTE, covering mostly current affairs.

He is from Dublin, Ireland, where he attained a B.A. (English and Music) and a Masters in Journalism.

He started his career in journalism in the Irish Independent (2005 - 2007), where he worked as a sub-editor and later a reporter. He moved to South America in 2008 to work as an independent freelance journalist.

He worked in Venezuela for 18 months and later travelled across the Southern Cone region where he reported everywhere from Colombia to Bolivia before settling in Argentina in late 2009.

He speaks Spanish and is accredited to the International Federation of Journalists.

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