Message from John Gormley to all Green Party members.

On October 10th the Green Party will hold a Special Convention to deal with the Programme for Government and the proposed National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) legislation.

This is a crucial time in our Party's history, and, as there has been much public speculation as to what might happen and the various scenarios that might arise on the day, I am writing to you to clarify procedures. I hope to make things as
clear as possible at this stage.

New Programme for Government

If we succeed in negotiating a new programme with our partners in Government, this will be put to a members' vote at the Special
Convention. Under Party rules, a two-thirds majority is required to pass a motion.

If such a motion is not passed by the meeting, I want to make it quite clear - the Green Party will not continue in Government. I have already said publicly that we need a new programme to continue.


Details of how the meeting will deal with the NAMA issue have not yet been finalised. But I can say that if a motion is put to the meeting to oppose NAMA, and that motion is carried by the necessary two-thirds, again, we can no longer participate in this Government.

When the motions are finalised, I will make every effort to clearly
explain to all the implications involved.


Everything depends on our ability to agree new Programme for Government.

The negotiations will start soon.

We cannot however conduct this process in public. Our negotiators and our spokespersons will not comment on the individual issues under discussion. We ask all other members of the party to refrain from making comment as well so that the party can maintain a disciplined approach that will maximise our chances of success.

I can tell you that we have prepared well for these negotiations and our ambition is to agree a work programme that will give renewed focus and purpose to the Government. We plan to transform our society and our economy at a critical time in the history of our State.

We will make every effort to keep members briefed on progress but on the understanding that we cannot go into the individual issues until the close of talks.

I truly hope that you can attend on October 10th for these important discussions and decisions, and I look forward to seeing you then.