8 July 1986: Bertie Ahern, as the new Lord Mayor of Dublin, speaks to David Hanly about his plans for improving the city



25 September 1997: Bertie Ahern speaks about Ray Burke





10 April 1998: Bertie Ahern’s speech on the Good Friday Agreement





Undated: Bertie Ahern gives his views on Charles J Haughey




3 August 1983: Bertie Ahern speaks to Pat Kenny about his political ambitions




26 September 2006: Bertie Ahern speaks to Bryan Dobson about his controversial loans




19 November 1994: Bertie Ahern speaks after being elected leader of Fianna Fáil



December 1994: Bertie Ahern calls Gay Mitchell a 'waffler'




2 April 2008: Bertie Ahern announces he is to leave office on 6 May