Native American environmental campaigners are attending an event in Leitrim, to share their experiences with a coalition of local groups concerned about the local landscape.

The Lakota Standing Rock Water Protectors came to international attention when they worked to block an oil pipeline from passing close to a Sioux Reservation in North Dakota in 2016.

Some of those involved in that effort are meeting representatives from a number of organisations in Leitrim opposed to extractive mining and other proposals, which they say will only hasten environmental decline.

Organisers say the aim of the gathering is to bring together diverse groups who have "common cause" in protecting the area's land, water and communities.

Among the organisations are Love Leitrim, a group that led local opposition to fracking, and Treasure Leitrim, which is campaigning against the granting of further mining permits to companies prospecting for gold in the county.

It is concerned about the possible negative impacts that such developments could have the local environment as well as the detrimental consequences for agriculture and tourism in the region.

A delegation from the Lakota Water Protectors travelled to Manorhamilton today.

They have further engagements in Greencastle, Co Tyrone tomorrow, where they will meet locals opposed to proposed mining projects on the Sperrin Mountains.