A protest is taking place in Wicklow town to demonstrate against recent changes at a Direct Provision centre in the town.

The Grand Hotel in Wicklow has been a Direct Provision Centre since 2018.

In the past six months, the number staying there have more than doubled from 111 to 272. In recent weeks, the centre was also re-designated as a facility for single people and couples.

A number of families who had been living there have been moved to accommodation elsewhere in the country.

Protest organisers say the change in status has meant the arrival of a large number of single men in the town and say this has caused fear and unease.

Many of those present expressed concern about how they were being portrayed, insisting this was about genuine local concerns about the sudden influx of predominantly male new arrivals.

Several said the town simply did not have the resources to cope with the change and were sharply critical of authorities for failing to communicate adequately with the local community.

Local resident Hailey Murphy addressed the crowd telling them this was not a hate campaign.

"We're not far right", she said. "We believe we should be communicated to. The families who were there for four years deserved to stay there."

Organisers had asked that it would be a peaceful and mainly silent march, and there was no chanting as the marchers traversed their route.

Recently, a video was circulated on social media purporting to show a fight involving male residents of the centre.