A protest has taken place in Dublin calling for more urgent action to address climate change and climate justice.

The youth-led Fridays for Future event was attended by secondary pupils and third level students, as well as a number of adult organisations.

As part of the global climate strike day of action, a rally was held near Leinster House, with demonstrations also taking place in Co Cork and Co Galway.

Similar climate protests are being held around the world today under the movement, inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Young people held placards and chanted slogans, accusing the Government of not doing enough to address the issue.

The organisers of Fridays for Future Dublin want politicians and policymakers to take immediate action to limit greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

They cited three key demands; A fossil-fuel free future, a livable city and free public transport.

Speakers called on the Government to "make stronger decisions to ensure that Ireland meets its climate targets" and to commit to achieving meaningful climate action.

"we must act now to mitigate the severest impacts of climate change," organisers said.

The worldwide Fridays for Future movement has also called on governments in wealthy countries to provide "loss and damage finance to the communities most affected by the climate crisis".