There have been more than 200 reports of a mysterious "fireball" crossing the night sky over Northern Ireland and Scotland last night.

The UK Meteor Network said it began receiving reports of a fireball spotted about 9pm.

The network said it was "investigating to ascertain what the object was, meteor or space debris", with most reports having come from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In a post on Twitter this morning, the Network said: "The preliminary trajectory has been calculated ... and indicates that the object, which we now believe to be space debris, would have landed in the Atlantic south of the [Scottish] Hebrides."

One eye-witness, 21-year-old Danny Nell, said he was walking his dog west of Glasgow, when he saw the fireball.

"I was walking my dog and it was strangely enough 10pm on the dot and I just saw the flash in the sky and pulled out my phone and recorded it.

"I thought it may be a firework at first because there was a lot of Scottish football on but quickly realised it wasn't and just grabbed my phone to see if I could catch it," he said.

Others across Northern Ireland and Scotland took to social media platforms to share images and video of the suspected fireball.

Steve Owens, astronomer at the Glasgow Science Centre, said he saw "this brilliant fireball ... streaking across the sky".

Mr Owens thinks it may have ended up in the Atlantic after streaking west across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "It was incredible. I was sitting in my living room at exactly 10pm last night and saw out of the window, due south, this brilliant fireball, this meteor streaking across the sky, and I could tell that it was something special because I could see through broken cloud."