An 80-year-old Donegal man who is travelling around the coast of Ireland, swimming at as many piers and beaches as possible for charity, began Christmas Day with a swim in Fenit, Co Kerry.

It is one of five dips Paddy Conaghan has planned for the day.

Mr Conaghan left home on Árainn Mhór on 4 December to begin his challenge, living out of a van he kitted out for the journey which he hopes to complete by February.

He has gathered a big following since beginning his journey both on social media and in person.

People have been joining him to swim in every county he has travelled through so far as he ventures down the coast from Donegal through Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare and Kerry.

He has has so far raised over €46,000 for the Donegal counselling service he is supporting through his his GoFundMe page Ducking and Driving for Gemma's Legacy of Hope.