Galway City Council has deferred a vote on installing temporary cycle lanes along the promenade in Salthill.

A motion by Mayor Colette Connolly calling for a two-way segregated cycle track along the route will be considered later this month.

Describing existing cycling infrastructure in the city as "abysmal and treacherous", Mayor Connolly said it was "positively dangerous" in places.

She called for a "bold and brave" approach in relation to a coastal track.

But a number of other councillors said there had been a lack of consultation about such a move.

They told this afternoon's meeting of the local authority that they were in favour of enhanced cycling infrastructure, but not without advance discussions with homeowners and businesses.

In particular, concerns were raised about the possible impact of removing car parking spaces from the promenade.

Earlier, the Galway Cycling Campaign said a "do nothing now" approach, in relation to enhanced cycleways, was unacceptable, unwise and unjust.

Transport Minister Eamonn Ryan has said a decision rests with the Council but that funding would be provided by Government, if the motion was approved.