Public Health Mid-West, alongside Limerick City and County Council, gardaí and Limerick GAA have asked that people limit their post-match social activity this All-Ireland final weekend, and abide by public health guidelines, given the high rate of Covid-19 incidence in the county.

In a joint statement this afternoon, all four bodies said there is a "high risk of infection" for those not fully vaccinated if they engage in social activity contrary to public health guidelines.

They said this was down to "the social nature" of the high-profile sporting event, as well as the current case numbers in the county amid the Delta variant.

"We are urging everyone attending household events, hospitality settings, and any indoor gathering to maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, and limit social contact in well-ventilated spaces," they said.

They have also urged those in the hospitality sector to protect their staff and customers, by confirming valid certificates of vaccination, and to avoid crowding.

"Social settings and close contact within those facilitate infection, and continues to be a factor in community outbreaks in Limerick," they said.

'If not controlled this can turn into events which rapidly increase the number of cases'
- Dr Marie Casey

"We also ask that people limit their post-match social activity Sunday evening."

Provisional figures from the HSE show that 667 cases of the virus have been recorded over the past two weeks in Limerick, 66 of which were yesterday.

Public Health Specialist Dr Marie Casey said while the All-Ireland final brings communities together, "if not controlled this can turn into events which rapidly increase the number of cases in the community, as we had experienced last year."

"The community in Limerick worked very hard to reduce the rates from the community outbreak in June and we would like to maintain this improvement."

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Limerick GAA Chairperson said the occasion will be "very special for all Limerick people," adding that "regardless of the result, emotions will run high and when emotions run high we sometimes tend to drop our guard."

"We must remember our obligation to protect ourselves and those around us from serious illness, and to that end can I appeal to all of our supporters to behave in a responsible manner.

"To those who are attending and to all those who are making alternative arrangements to view the game, please listen to public health advice, observe all Covid-19 guidelines, and together we can ensure that this historic occasion will be both a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved."