The co-owner of Teddy's Ice Cream in Dublin has said that it may be tough to get a 99 ice cream cone in Ireland this summer, due to a global shortage of Cadbury's chocolate flakes.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne programme, Yasmin Khan said the issue was "a worldwide shortage" as "not enough were produced".

Ms Khan said that "by mid-July it will be tough to get 99s", adding however that Teddy’s themselves have enough flakes to get by as they have been stockpiling them.

"I even have them hidden under my bed," she said.

"We have had to stockpile and just be really tough, saying sorry we cannot supply anyone else with them. I have them hidden in my house, in my storeroom, I have them everywhere".

She said they became aware of the impending shortage at the beginning of April when they received a call from Mondelez, the company that now owns Cadbury, warning them in advance.

Ms Khan said the 99 is the top selling ice cream cone available, adding that there was no alternative that works as well as the usual flakes used for the cone.