Two Waterford brothers who have been through more than most together in recent years will be heading off to college together in the coming weeks after receiving CAO offers this afternoon.

Oisín O'Gorman,19, from Lismore in Co Waterford, suffered a bad accident in 2008 but has overcome adversity since then and completed his secondary school education this year, as did his brother Fionn who turned 18 today.

"I was just back to school and out playing and came off my bike," Oisín recalled of the time when life changed forever.

"The handlebar went into my stomach and I only found out in surgery in Ardkeen [hospital] in Waterford that I was born with only one kidney, and I was after losing a kidney, from there on it was ten long months of dialysis and it was awful, I have to say."

Happily, his Dad Kieran proved to be a match and he successfully received a transplant in 2009. 

Today, Kieran and the boys mother Jen shared the relief and happiness of the brothers as they completed a long week since the Leaving Cert results came out, and a long few months since they were last in school.

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"It was tough enough trying to do the online classes and I suppose the unknown, what was going to happen, but we got through it," Oisín said.

"I was getting kinda nervous when it was coming closer to the time on Monday but I was trying my hardest not to think of it the whole way through the summer," Fionn said.

"I found it hard to concentrate at home when there was so much other stuff to do."

When the offers came out just before 2pm, both brothers had secured places on the Arts programme at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick.

"It's a bit of a relief, I was worried there for a while but I’m after getting it now so I’m happy out, delighted really," Fionn said after the offers were made. 

Oisín was also thrilled with events: "Hopefully just get on with it now and hit the ground running… I think we’ll both be doing the same course and living together, so that should be fun… for the first few weeks anyway."