Local authorities in the west are beginning to contact elderly and vulnerable people, to ensure they are supported in the coming weeks. 

Mayo County Council's Community Engagement Office has compiled a list of over 130 voluntary organisations and community groups, who are offering assistance locally. 

The Council is encouraging anyone who feels isolated to make contact, so they can be linked with a support network in their own area. 

The Head of Community Engagement at Mayo County Council, Liam Hanrahan, said people would be matched with the most appropriate group in each community. 

Short training seminars are being offered online, to make volunteers aware of best practice when it comes to dealing with those in need. 

Efforts are also being made to ensure there is co-ordination in each area to avoid duplication among groups. 

All volunteer groups and individuals are being added to a Community Engagement map on the mayo.ie website.

Staff in the county's four municipal districts have identified all single tenancy social houses in each area and are calling tenants to check in on them. Similar contact is being made with people listed as vulnerable with local gardaí. 

Many groups offering support have already compiled lists of people who need to be checked in on.

Of those that have had calls so far, most have been related to getting shopping or prescriptions, or from people just in need of a chat. 

Mayo people interested in volunteering, or those in need of assistance, can contact (096) 71444  or email: info@mayo.ie 

In Galway, the City Council has opened a community support helpline, to help people to access non-emergency support and advice. 

The local authority's Covid-19 Community Response Forum includes over a dozen agencies, organisations and voluntary groups that are collaborating to provide assistance.

The helpline is focused primarily on ensuring that vulnerable members of the community, or those living alone, can access deliveries of groceries, medicine and fuel.

A dedicated Freephone number will be available in the coming days. In the meantime, members of the public can access the resource by calling the City Council on 091 536 400 or by emailing covidsupport@galwaycitycouncil.ie 

An information leaflet will be distributed around the city throughout this week.