The National Cyber Security Centre is to issue updated guidance in relation to what apps are appropriate to be used on Government-issued phones, however the advice will not specifically reference TikTok.

Minister of State Ossian Smith, who has responsibility for e-government, said there was guidance issued recently in relation to the use of mobile phones across the Public Sector and that will be updated shortly.

It will focus on "how to minimise risk".

"That guidance doesn't name specific companies. It describes how to measure the type of risk from different types of apps, and what type of action to take, but it doesn't particularly name any apps or companies," Mr Smyth said.

He said the decision will be "based on evidence and based on an assessment of risk".

"If you're talking about risky apps, there's more than one risky app out there," Mr Smyth added.

He added that he does not have TikTok on his phone.

"There are two investigations into TikTok by the Data Protection Commissioner at the moment, and I understand that they are to complete soon," he said.

"So, I think that people should have the minimum number of third party apps of any kind on their phones."