The Left Group Co-President in the European Parliament has said that she met with Irish MEP Mick Wallace regarding his decision last month to update his declaration of financial interests to the parliament.

Manon Aubry said Mr Wallace confirmed that he has updated the declaration and clarified the situation.

She added that he told her that he had made a mistake and it was now rectified.

Ms Aubry told reporters that her group remains committed to ensuring the "highest standards" in office.

Last month she said she would meet Mr Wallace, after he updated his declaration of financial interests.

This was done to reflect income from his role as an advisor to a company operating wine bars.

It followed his appearance in a Tiktok video in which he stated that he has three wine bars in Dublin.

In a statement on Twitter last month, Mr Wallace said that he was not the owner of the wine bars and earned an average of €53 per week from his role as an advisor to Wallace Calcio Limited.

He said that it was mistakenly not included in his original declaration of members interest to the parliament.