The Cabinet committee on Ukraine met tonight amid the crisis in refugee and asylum seeker accommodation.

Ministers signed off on a new €10m international community fund for areas designated for new international protection accommodation.

Agreement was not reached on securing new public buildings or additional staffing for the Department of Integration but further discussions will continue tomorrow.

Earlier, the committee was informed that 517 deportation orders were signed off between September and December 2022.

A further 128 have been signed off in 2023 bringing the total to over 645.

Minister for Justice Simon Harris updated the committee on an accelerated process for international protection applicants from safe country of origin.

This will aim to ensure most nationals from safe countries will receive a first decision in less than three months.

108 asylum seekers not initially offered accommodation in past week

Meanwhile, in the past week 108 newly arrived asylum seekers were not initially offered State-provided accommodation when they presented to seek international protection in Ireland.

81 have since been offered accommodation, and 27 remain without.

It is exactly one week since the Government paused offering State accommodation to newly arrived international protection applicants, who present without children, amid an accommodation shortage.

The first offers of accommodation to those turned away since Tuesday were made on Friday evening, and saw people move into accommodation from Saturday evening.

The figures, which were supplied by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, were from the morning of Tuesday 24 January up to the close of business yesterday.

19 asylum seekers were turned away without State-provided accommodation yesterday.

Additional reporting Mícheál Lehane and Laura Fletcher