A group of prominent Fine Gael TDs and senators have warned that "finger-pointing" runs the risk of tarnishing Ireland's reputation as one of the world's most sustainable producers of quality food.

The group, which includes TDs John Paul Phelan, David Stanton, Charlie Flanagan and Paul Kehoe, along with Senators John Cummins and Garret Ahearn, issued a statement as Government talks aimed at agreeing carbon emission reductions intensify.

The politicians from rural constituencies said "other sectors of our economy are producing higher emissions yet the prevailing narrative being taken by many commentators in the media, environmental NGOs and others is that culling animals is the only way to save the planet".

They added that it was right to set ambitious targets for carbon emission reductions but they said the false narrative in the Irish debate on climate change places all the blame on both farmers and rural dwellers.

"Research and innovation in agriculture has had a huge impact and more is to come. Beef schemes are in place to change cattle diets and reduce their environmental impact," they said.

The group insisted they were not climate deniers but called for fair play for rural Ireland.

Talks seeking to reach an agreement on carbon emission reductions in the agriculture sector are set to continue over the next few days.

All sides involved have insisted that no deal has yet been brokered and the discussions could run beyond next Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

Senior figures have indicated that any agreement will have to be legally robust, credible and deliverable.

They have emphasised too that other sectors outside of agriculture are also part of the discussions.