A Green TD has told the Dáil that building the Galway City Ring Road would be "an act of vandalism against current and future generations."

Deputy Brian Leddin, who is chair of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action, contended that the ring road was "...not consistent with our commitment to reduce Ireland's emissions."

The multi-million euro road project was approved by An Bord Pleanála last week.

In a direct critique of An Bord Pleanála, he said: "In the middle of a climate crisis ... a State body is approving a project that will scar the landscape, destroy homes and habitats, and increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."

He added: "Public bodies must act in a manner consistent with the national climate objective of net zero by 2050 and the ongoing task to reduce emissions. The Galway City Ring Road will not reduce emissions. The Galway City Ring Road will increase emissions."

Deputy Leddin said what he termed "the highway industrial complex" in Ireland needed to be "stood down."

He explained: "I call it a highway industrial complex because it is a coalition of vested interests who cooperate to continue the road building mania that makes a mockery of our climate commitments and will do untold damage to our towns, and villages, and communities: urban and rural."

The Limerick City TD concluded by saying that there were "a number of valid reasons to take a judicial review of this decision, not least the provisions in the Climate Act".