The Labour Party candidate for the Dublin Bay South by-election, Ivana Bacik has warned against disrespecting voters by "painting it as an either/or contest between a... Punch and Judy alternative".

Party leader Alan Kelly said Senator Bacik will "get up on her bike and cycle straight through the middle" of the "two extremes" of Fine Gael and Sinn Féin.

Presenting herself as a committed legislator with a strong track record, Ms Bacik dismissed what she described as the government's "piecemeal change" on housing.

Calling for a "radical change", and she criticised what she described as the "the developer-led model", she demanded a "three year freeze" on rents.

Her campaign got underway shortly after Fine Gael TD Eoghan Murphy resigned is seat in April triggering a the by-election.

At its official launch today, Ms Bacik called for a "new fair deal scheme" that would help older people to continue to live at home.

Senator Bacik said she introduced the first climate protection bill when first elected to the Seanad almost fifteen years ago.