Donations to political parties in 2019 amounted to €175,576, according to figures published by The Standards in Public Office.

There were 22 political parties registered last year to contest Dáil or European elections.

Each party must disclose donations in excess of €1,500 in value. The parties had until 31 March 2020 to furnish their 2019 donations to SIPO.

The maximum amount that may be accepted from the same donor in the same year is €2,500.

Fine Gael received the most in political donations last year, €79,456.

This was followed by Sinn Féin, €45,620.

The Labour party received the third highest amount, €21,800.

€9,000 was donated to the Green Party.

The National Party received €7,500.

Fianna Fáil received €2,500, which was the second lowest total for political donations. The Aontú party received the same amount.

All donations for Fine Gael, Sinn Féin, Labour and the Workers and Unemployed Action party were made by elected party representatives, such as TDs, senators or councillors.

Political parties are also required to submit a bank statement from their political donation accounts. The total closing balance held by all party accounting units in 2019 was €950,111.

An accounting unit is a branch or other subsidiary organisation of a political party which receives a donation in excess of €100 in any year.

Party Total Donations Disclosed

Aontú €2,500

Fianna Fáil €2,500

Fine Gael €79,456

Green Party €9,000

Labour Party €21,800

National Party €7,500

Sinn Féin €45,620

Workers and Unemployed Action €4,800

Workers Party €2,400

Total €175,576