The Dáil Special Committee on Covid-19 Response is to increase the number of sessions it holds each Tuesday.

It was decided today that the committee will hold four two-hour sessions from next week, instead of three.

The Covid-19 Committee is the only committee in the Oireachtas which is functioning in public.  

The decision was made by the Dáil Business Committee, which sits in private and orders the workflow of both the Dáil and its committees.  

A sub-committee, which is charged with assessing the merits of creating a second special committee, is to discuss the issue again - possibly as early as Thursday. 

It is understood there were a range of views - both positive and negative - when the sub-committee assessed the matter last week. 

Meanwhile, the controversial two-hour limit on sittings at the Oireachtas was also the subject of lengthy discussions at the Dáil Business Committee. 

It is understood that further discussions are pending.