Richard Boyd Barrett has called on the Labour Party to reconsider its decision to rule itself out of government in the event of a left-wing administration getting into office.

The People Before Profit TD said that "to me it is a bit bizarre that for the first time, there is actually a possibility of the left-wing government, that people who would describe themselves as left have taken themselves off the pitch".

He was commenting after a group of left-wing TDs met Sinn Féin to discuss potential government formation of a left minority government.

The TDs included Mr Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith, Paul Murphy - all of Solidarity People Before Profit - Independent Thomas Pringle, Independent Catherine Connolly and Joan Collins of Independents4Change.

Mr Boyd Barrett said they discussed housing, a rent freeze, climate change and stopping the sale of public land which could be used for housing. 

"Sinn Féin and ourselves are serious about this. We also want to open up discussions with others on the left," he added.